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    Samedi 28 mars 2020
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    De 8 h 00 à 16 h 00 PDT
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    Smoke Bluff Park
    Logger's Lane
    Squamish, BC

sport climbing in Squamish
Learning outdoor sport climbing skills and lead theory from a guide is the safest way to begin a long, prosperous and injury-free leading career.

Learning to lead on bolts is the logical progression from top-roping and opens the door to a lot of brilliant climbing destinations like Skaha, British Columbia and Smith Rocks, Oregon. A good background in sport climbing is also an excellent foundation to begin lead climbing cracks on traditional protection. Instructional topics for this course will include:

Hazard recognition and management at the crag.
Equipment selection.
Quickdraw use, pre-clipping, back-clipping and “Z”-clipping.
Lead belaying, positioning and fall dynamics, gri gri.
Falling techniques and overcoming “fear”.
Anchor threading and lowering.