Avalanche Skills Training Level 1- Golden - Jan17

  • Période
    De Vendredi 17 janvier 2020 à Dimanche 19 janvier 2020
  • Heure 
    De 18 h 00 à 16 h 00 MST
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  • Adresse 
    Golden, BC
    210 Fisher rd
    Golden, BC

Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 (AST 1) is your stepping stone into the backcountry. This course is a must have if you plan on ducking that rope & leaving the resort behind.


Need to know details:
-2 day course – 2 evenings in the classroom & 1 day in the backcountry
-Beginner course
-Minimum amount of training required if you are headed into the backcountry
-Stay Wild is an Avalanche Canada AST provider

What you will learn:
-Avalanche formation & release
-How to identify avalanche terrain
-Basic trip planning
-The ins & outs of the Avalanche Forecast
-Human factors & tools to mitigate them
-Tools & resources to mitigate avalanche risk
-Safe travel techniques
-Basic companion rescue
-How to use transceiver, probe & shovel
-How to dig a snow pit & perform a compression test


AST 1 will follow the curriculum provided by Avalanche Canada and will provide you with the knowledge necessary for you to further your education with Managing Avalanche Terrain,Companion Rescue, AST 2 or CAA Level 1 Avalanche Operations.


Comfortable skiing or snowboarding on blue & some black runs at the resort

Helpful but not required:
Skiers: practice putting skins on & taking them off, practice with bindings & go for a little stroll at the golf course to get the feel for your equipment

Snowboarders: practice turning your snowboard into two planks & back to one, practice putting skins on, go for a stroll at the golf course to get a feel for your board
*We do not have a ton of time on the field day to teach how to use equipment / how to tour. Check out our Learn to Walk Uphill Camp if you are interested in learning the need to know details when starting out!


Necessary equipment:
-Transceiver (recommended 3 antenna)
-Probe (recommended 3 meter)
-Touring equipment (touring skis / or splitboard / or snowshoes, skins, poles)
-Lift ticket to the resort to access Backcountry (required at certain locations)
-Appropriate clothing for a day in the backcountry
-Courses are available at the ski hill if touring equipment is not available