Run a Faster 10K - 10 Week course - Mar28

  • Période
    Mercredi 28 mars 2018
  • Heure 
    De 17 h 30 à 18 h 30 EDT
  • Prix 
  • Adresse 
    MEC Toronto
    400 King Street West
    Toronto, ON

Run a Faster 10k course runs from Wednesday March 14th to Wednesday May 16th, 2017.  5:30pm to 6:30pm. You are still welcome to sign up for this clinic.  The next Run a Faster 10K clinic starts on April 17th.

This gradual training program is designed to prepare participants who are currently comfortable running 5k to run 10km faster over the course of 10 weeks. Participants often begin at different levels of fitness and are encouraged to complete each training session to the best of their ability. The Run 10k program is progressive and fun.  Experience running at least 5km runs is recommended.

Join us for an engaging workout with our experienced run clinic leader, Rick Wright (@rickwright_mec).  Weekly sessions will consist of a 15 min class covering training, fitness and technique, followed by a 45 min group run session. A training plan will be provided to you at the first session outlining the entire clinic.  


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Any questions or concerns please email James Donald.