Meet-Up Yoga - Feb15

Désolé, mais cet événement a déjà eu lieu.
  • Période
    Jeudi 15 février 2018
  • Heure 
    De 19 h 45 à 20 h 45 PST
  • Prix 
  • Adresse 
    MEC North Vancouver
    212 Brooksbank Avenue
    North Vancouver, BC

Yoga is awesome. You are awesome. Why not be awesome at our weekly yoga meet-up? You will discover new ways to enhance your mind, body and soul connectiveness while performing the incredible practice of yoga lead by the very talented, Jeff Grace.

Jeff Grace, owner and instructor of Excel with Grace, aims to assist people in improving their health and achieving their athletic goals through the creation and delivery of targeted yoga programs. He specializes in Sport Specific Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga. Learn more about Jeff on his website:

Only $10 per session!