Parkour Classes - Sep13

  • Période
    De Mercredi, 13 septembre, 2017 to Samedi, 21 octobre, 2017
  • Heure 
    De 03:30 pm to 05:00 pm PDT
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  • Adresse 
    Mahon Park
    1634-, 1648 Jones Ave, North Vancouver, BC
    North Vancouver, BC

New this Fall - Parkour!
Parkour is a physical method of training to get over obstacles as fast and efficiently as possible. This involves jumping, running, vaulting, climbing, swinging, rolling, quadrupedal movement, and other natural human body maneuvers. Parkour is more than just a physical practice, it challenges the mind as well. Mentality is in the heart of parkour as practitioners are learning to overcome their physical and mental fears.

Our coaches, Nik and Jessie, have amongst the highest level of parkour instruction training and experience in Canada. With many years of coaching Nik and Jessie have travelled throughout North America and trained under some of the best coaches and athletes. They are connected to parkour communities internationally and continue to expand their knowledge, skill and experiences.

Students will learn basic jumping, safe landing and rolling, quadrupedal movement, basic vaults, brachiation and more. They will learn how to use their bodies effectively, overcome physical and mental challenges, improve spatial awareness, increase creativity and problem solving abilities that they will use throughout their lives.

This class is held outdoors at Mahon Park. Wear running shoes and bring a water bottle.