MEC 5K and 10K Training Plans

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    Mardi 31 décembre 2019
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    De 17 h 00 à 18 h 00 EST
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    Toronto, ON

MEC 5K and 10K Training Plans

Are you new to running? Are you looking to improve on your experience? We have training plans for you!


There’s nothing quite as exhilarating, or nerve-racking as your first race. But don't fear! Simply follow this schedule, and you will be 5k-ready in 10 weeks. No prior race experience is required.

Your 5k goal should be to cover the distance and have fun. If you are like many first timers, you may be worried about coming in last. Don’t be. Many 5ks attract walkers, so the chances of being the last one to cross the finish line are pretty slim. Even if you are, you’ll be too proud and happy to care.

Below are two plans to get you started for your first 5K!


Below are two 10 week training plans to improve on you 10K. This distance combines the best aspects of the 5K and marathon. By following one of these 10K training schedules, you will develop gradually through three training phases: base building, strengthening, and tapering. Check out the legend for info. Good luck!