Hawkesbury Runners' - Left-Handers Day - Sunday Fun Run 5kms / 8kms - Aug13

  • Période
    Dimanche, 13 août, 2017
  • Heure 
    De 09:00 am to 10:00 am EDT
  • Prix 
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  • Adresse 
    Le Chenail
    2 John Street
    Hawkesbury, ON

Welcome to Hawkesbury Runners' - International Left-Handers Day - Sunday Fun Run. This run celebrates left handed people. As the name suggests, it is meant to promote awareness of the inconveniences faced by left-handers in a predominantly right-handed world. It celebrates their uniqueness and differences, who are from seven to ten percent of the world's population. Hundreds of millions of left-handed people in today's society have to adapt to use right handed tools and objects.. This is a 5km fun run that anyone could do. We run as fast as the slowest runner and will show you our support until the end. Many runner do much more so you’ll find a pace and a distance that suits you. Bring a friend!