MEC Kitchener Walk to 5K

Désolé, mais cet événement a déjà eu lieu.
  • Période
    Lundi, 17 juillet, 2017
  • Heure 
    De 06:00 pm to 07:00 pm EDT
  • Prix 
  • Adresse 
    Mountain Equipment Co-op
    10 Manitou Dr.
    Kitchener, ON





Group Session

July 17th

Welcome, Training Program Overview

Lecture 1: Gear up with Shoes, Clothing and Accessories

No group training

July 24th

Lecture 2: Good Running Posture,

Dynamic Stretching & Form Drills

Fartlek Training:

3x1min Run,

Rest 2 min

July 31st


Group Run: 2km

August 7th

Lecture 3: Heart Rate Monitors

Group Run: 3km

August 14th

Lecture 4: Hill training

Group Run: 4km

August 21st

Lecture 5: Safety + Injury Prevention

Group Run: 3km

August 28th


Group Run: 4km

September 4th

Lecture 5: Nutritionist

Group Run: 3km

September 11th

Lecture 6: Race prep (If programs ends with a race)

Group Run: 5km

September 17th

Race Day (Race information here

5km Race