Désolé, mais cet événement a déjà eu lieu.
  • Période
    Dimanche, 13 août, 2017
  • Heure 
    De 09:00 am to 05:00 pm ADT
  • Prix 
  • Adresse 
    Findlay Centre
    26 Elliot St
    Dartmouth, NS


Join us on Sunday for a full day course on wilderness navigation. Our instructor will take you through the analog world of maps and compasses and then through the digital world of GPSs. You will learn the pros and cons of both as well as how to become proficient in using each.

You will finish the day with a better understanding of how maps, compasses, and GPSs work together to allow you to navigate with confidence over unmarked land and waterways.


  • Contour lines, relief interpretations
  • Basic color/terrain indicators
  • Scale
  • Man made feature identification
  • Projection
  • Latitude/Longitude grid
  • UTM grid
  • Route planning


  • Declination
  • Measuring/plotting map bearings and distance 
  • Measure field bearings and triangulating position
  • Following a field bearing and tracking pace distance


  • Proper set up
  • Understanding and using waypoints,
  • Digital maps

The day will be broken up into a morning of classroom work and outdoor practical work in the afternoon. Be sure to dress for being both inside and outside during the day. And also bring:

  • Sturdy, waterproof footware
  • Clothing suitable for bush travel
  • Hat and gloves (can get cold in the woods) 
  • Extra layers, as necessary for spending a few hours in the 
  • Pen, pencil, and a note pad
  • Whistle

Maps, compasses and GPSs will all be provided the day of, if you have your own, feel free to bring them along too but you will be using the ones you are provided primarily. 

Morning classroom session will be at the Findlay Center, then after lunch we will meet up at the Fairbanks Center in Shubie Park.

Please note, it is recommneded that kids be 13 years or older for the best experience.