Reebok Spartan Race, Montreal Sprint & Junior Races - Mai28

  • Période
    Dimanche, 28 mai, 2017
  • Heure 
    De 03:00 am to 01:00 pm EDT
  • Prix 
  • Site Web 
  • Adresse 
    Ski Owl's Head
    40 Chemin du Mont Owls Head,
    Mansonville, QC

Spartan Sprints are a great starting point to becoming a Spartan. The muddy 5+ Km / 15+ OBSTACLE Sprint is fun for everyone from beginners to seasoned athletes. The shorter Sprint presents plenty for the hardcore Elite to test themselves against while giving new Spartans a good start to their Trifecta!

The Spartan Junior Race was created to help children foster a life-long commitment to fitness and health and provide an opportunity for kids to develop and test their fitness in an exciting, outdoor environment where having fun and getting dirty is mandatory!